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Zero Trust Risk Management (ZTRM)

With the rise of COVID-19, the need for a holistic policy framework that can effectively manage security issues across a highly distributed workforce has grown exponentially overnight. As the public sector adjusts to emergency measures, zero trust can mitigate risk and ensure that operations continue with minimal disruption.

A zero trust model can radically improve your organization’s security posture by eliminating the sole reliance on perimeter-based protection. As companies start to incorporate remote work into their long-term plans, security has become a priority.

Four-Level Cyber Security Response


Predict and prioritize threats


Detect and confirm active incidents


Respond with comprehensive and appropriate remediation actions


Prevent further attacks by hardening and isolating systems

Zero trust facilitates a marked improvement in digital monitoring (governance), a reduction in risk and an increased maturity within the compliance framework. Zero trust also has a positive effect on the overall maturity of DRM within an organization. Employing zero trust methods and security protocols is the right approach to risk management, and the best way to protect your organization into the future.