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Zero To One Innovation (ZT1)

Most companies struggle to convince key stakeholders within their organization to invest in new ideas and business opportunities. While this is a global phenomenon, its more prevalent in the SME sector and decades-old companies. These companies lack the innovation capabilities, framework, and governance it needs to navigate transformational industry shifts. Their ecosystem is limited, skills are sparse and their ability to invest in future is questionable.

Through Network Science’s ZT1 Innovation Model, we are enabling decades-old organizations to design and run innovation programs, embed corporate innovation capabilities, modernize their ways of working, cut through red tape, and build forward-thinking innovation cultures. Using our proven methodologies, we can make innovation part of your organization’s DNA.


Achieve scalable and sustainable Competitive Advantage


Deep Tech Focus


Data in the new Oil


Customer-centric culture


Adaptability & agility

Innovation Capabilities

Every client is different, the challenges they face are unique and their ask for innovation is localised. Hence, we build a unique ZT1 Innovation model for each customer – of course, drawing from numerous experiences and capabilities we carry. We can enable you to build and coach an internal innovation team, train your executives, develop an innovation playbook and toolkit, or create a long-term innovation transformation program that delivers business results.

Our goal is to ensure you’re not dependant on us. We always aim to build a sustainable, in-house innovation capability. We don’t simply run an accelerator or a design sprint; we ensure these talents stick within your enterprise.