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Zero Gravity Growth (ZGG)

Transform and automate business operations with intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and reliability by evolving operating models to succeed in the age of rapid growth.

Let’s face it. Growing your business is not as easy as it sounds. Whether you’ve just started your company or have been around for years, you need to be flexible, understand your target audience, have a solid team behind you, and more. If you’re struggling to scale your business, don’t worry. Our Zero Gravity Growth (ZGG) team is here to help! Our focus and current experience is on Tech companies looking for geography expansion.

Functions that can be transformed


Enterprise IT :
Rapid App Dev using Zero Code


B2C Sales & Marketing :
New product launches


B2B Sales & Marketing :
Growth in existing accounts


Cloud Sales :
Cloud Management services for IT Service providers

Our aim is to deliver Growth Strategies for driving Value Retention by focusing on how to maximize the value that can be derived from processes. We emphasize on data mining and management techniques, leading to efficiencies and preventive maintenance which can help in optimising employee costs associated with overtime, hiring/firing, training, and low employee morale.

Value Enhancement is another key parameter for success which helps prepare business to capitalise on the next trend and diversify risk arising out of product dependency. We strategize plans for enterprises to help them effectively scale and foster business growth.