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Replace brittle point-to-point interconnections with a real-time, global data plane that connects all of the systems, applications, datastores, and environments that make up your enterprise. Set data in motion everywhere, regardless of whether systems are running on-prem, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Centilytics is an intelligent cloud management platform (CMP) that helps organisations on the public cloud to manage,secure, and optimize cloud infrastructure. Their platform is designed to cater to every business need, they focus on creating tailor made solutions for your roles you play in the entire cloud journey by specializing in analyzing, monitoring, optimizing, and securing infrastructures.

Unlock The Power Of Cloud : Glance at Product Features


Optimization & Allocation

Cloud Optimization & Allocation to decentralize 100% of your cost,100% Tagging followed by 75% savings – Drive your cloud towards complete optimization with Cost Optimizer.


Cloud Visibility

360-degree visibility and granular insights into each one of your accounts. From Panoramic to Microscopic view of your cloud Know your cloud inside out with Cost Monitoring.


Cloud Automation

Drive efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating the scope for errors & Improve your engineering efficiency by over 30%.


Governance & Reporting

Get easy governance and control over the cloud with agile policy management. Centralize your decentralized infrastructure & administer cloud and make data-driven decisions with Budgeting.

Who should use the Platform?

Centilytics platform is designed to cater to every business need

Centilytics platform is designed to cater to every business need, we have tailor made solutions as per the roles you play in the entire cloud journey.

Office of the CFO

Get a Cloud Agnostic overview to monitor costs incurred across all your clouds. The Multi-tenancy enables you to measure costs associated with multiple accounts across the entire cloud infrastructure.

Office of the CTO

The cost-center mapping helps measure & analyze costs incurred by every resource. It’ll help understand cloud environments via Resource topology, giving a layout of your infrastructure with mapped relationships between resources.

IT Finance

Cloud visibility can help in cost center mapping. Measure & analyze costs incurred by every resource to derive optimum ROI by maintaining a record for all purchases through chargeback reports.

Infra & Ops

Get complete resource visibility with in-depth information from service to resource ID level. Resource Topology helps understand the operational structure through relationships between resources running on the cloud.

Impact Numbers



Influenced Cloud Billing



Cost Optimized



Reduction in manual reports



Improved Engineering Efficiency

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