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If you are in Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, B2B/B2C, Utilities, or Telco, do you know which customer will self-cure and which customer will go into severe delinquency?

Credit Nirvana offers an Ai /ML Platform helping you to improve your collection rates by leveraging advanced ML techniques designed to process large volumes of structured and unstructured behavioral and external data. CreditNirvana will accurately predict payment propensity, recommend personalized follow-up actions and digitally execute these actions according to practices in your industry.

Credit Nirvana helps you to reduce bounce rates, delinquencies, and write-offs while lowering operational costs. By leveraging the power of data and digital technology. They use unconventional data and innovative algorithms to generate dynamic and personalized decision output on a real-time basis, integrating not only customer demographics, payment data, and CRM data ( text, speech, video, etc.) but also external data from micro-economic, mobile, and social sources.

With its real-time data enrichment, 300+ unique featured variables CreditNirvana provides real-time payment behavioral analytics, and NLG has driven personalized collection recommendations & runs an end-to-end debt management process by launching personalized digital collection processes.

Product Platform Suites


ML Driven Early Warning Engine (EWE)

CreditNirvana – EWE has been built using a great number of structured and unstructured data sets and is leveraging advanced statistical models to provide real-time and dynamic early warning signals specifically for collections.


Deep Tech Collection Decision Engine (DecisionCollect)

Decision Collect provides both NLP Driven micro-segmentation based on payment behavior as well as personalized follow-up actions & recommendations. Together with preferred communication channels & convenient date/time and communication content.


AI Conversation Robo Collection Engine (RoboCollect)

RoboCollect automatically executes follow-up actions via all digital channels including Text, WhatsApp, Bots, Messenger, E-mail, and Robocall.


Payment Management Engine (PayEngine)

Integrated with Digital Payment gateways, PayEngine facilitates end-to-end payment collection including reconciliation, settlements, etc.

Who should use the Platform?

Digital First, Debt Collection as a Service – New section heading

ML Driven Debt Management Platform Key Features- Subheading

Unconventional Data, Innovative Algorithms

Credit Nirvana uses unconventional data andinnovative algorithms to generate dynamic and personalized decision output on a real-time basis.

Proven Impact, Faster ROI

Leveraging Credit Nirvana ML Decision Engine, you can personally engage with each of your customers through their preferred channel at a time of their convenience, collecting 50% faster than with traditional methods while substantially reducing collection costs.

End-to-End Digital First Collection Services

Using ML Decision Engine and Robo Collection platform, it’s easy to run end-to-end debt management with personalized digital collection process including digital payments.

New Age Payment Management Engines

The platform offers an end-to-end collection workflow application including case management, case trial management, payment settlement and reconciliation. On top of that various real-time dashboards and reports are available for both executive and non-executive level.

Impact Numbers






Transaction Scale



Reduction in Bounce Rate



Increase in Collection Rate

Portfolios Supported

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