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Motherson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of components for the automotive and transport industries. Our name itself signifies a relationship of deep trust- that of a mother and child. Trust is sacrosanct in all relationships at Motherson while working towards our vision of being a globally preferred solutions provider.

MIND is committed to achieving customer delight by delivering quality IT products & services and continually improving the quality management System. With Key focus on 4M, Manufacturing Control, Traceability, IoT, and Analytics. With a strong focus on innovation and customer-centricity, MIND uses its domain expertise and the exponential power of technology to provide customized digital experiences to you and your end customers.

Upgrade to Smart Manufacturing with iDACS – Key Divisions


Industry 4.0+

Connecting things, data, process, and people with iDACS.


Big Data AI. ML & Analytics

Harnessing value from data .Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to leverage data.


Native Cloud Services

Reducing cost and increasing speed to market with native cloud applications and workload management.



Using advanced robotics for logistics and smart warehousing.

Who should use the Platform?

Core Competencies of iDACS

Know all that iDACS can do for you

Data Acquisition

Acquires data through industry-standard protocols and IoT frameworks for asset analysis.

Maintenance Management

Addresses and assists the technology transformation with a digitised log book.

Internal Logistics

Provides visibility on internal material movements and WIP control.

Production Control

Executes production plans based on defined routes.

Track & Trace

Enables end-to-end product genealogy along with forward material tracking and reverse traceability across the supply chain.

Quality Management

Ensures quality throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Impact Numbers


Top Manufacturing technology service provider as per Gartner



Packaging Efficiency



Increase in operational efficiency



decrease in inventory cost

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