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Technology advancements not only enhance the productivity of our businesses, but they also bring with them risks. Risk is defined as the uncertainty of a financial loss. Dynamic, increasingly complex environments are rich hunting grounds for bad actors and cybercriminals. Attackers look for any opportunity to steal data, plant ransomware, or install evasive malware for longer-term campaigns toachieve their end goals.

Vulnerabilities in the way you manage identities and credentials are easy targets for cyber attackers. Sophisticated bad actors know how to fully exploit them to steal your most valuable IP and data, disrupt your operations and destroy your reputation with customers.

Two major challenges faced these days are that a significant number of breaches are still caused by employee lapses where the perimeter and encryption defenses aren’t enough. This makes even the IT organizations are overwhelmed and under-resourced.

Capabilities To Manage Risks Better

With increasing online activity and expanding digital footprint, the overall digital attack surface of an organization extends exponentially.


Darkweb Monitoring

Visibility of exposure on the Darkweb

Receive actionable intelligence on compromised credentials, personal information, and data breaches.



Cybercrime Intelligence

Dismantle threats before they attack

Make informed security decisions based on evidence-based knowledge of threat actors and their capabilities.


Attack Surface Management

Identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure

Mitigate weaknesses based on their priority and risk score.


Fraud Intelligence

Continuous monitoring for fraud detection

Gain intelligence of underground markets that facilitate identity theft and other cybercrime activities.

Get a Real-Time View Into Your Dark Web Footprint

Democratize digital risk protection through a combination of automation, human analytics, innovation
and provide organizations with real-time visibility into the vulnerabilities in their digital footprint.

Incident Response

Effectively minimize the impact of attacks and implement recovery solutions with Vision’s advanced intelligence.

Vulnerability Management

Gain a real-time view of exploitable vulnerabilities. This includes leaked customer mentions records externally vulnerable ports and services.

Security Operations

Incorporate actionable threat intelligence in business processes to increase the security team’s efficiency.

Threat Analysis

Analyze threat actor Tactics, Techniques, and redefine security infrastructures Time to take decisive action against Threat Actors.

Impact Numbers



Darkweb records



Cybercrime markets monitored



Threat Indicators



digital assets monitored

Portfolios Supported

Consumer Internet


Financial Services




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