Defined By Our People

At Network Science, our diverse team of DeepTech enthusiasts and experienced advisors join hands to ensure that we bring the best that technology has to offer to the world. A uniquely collaborative culture, full of leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit who care more about your success.

Dr-Nahla-Boudiab-Network Science

Dr. Nahla Boudiab

Award Winning CEO

Mark-Sheppard-Network Science

Mark Sheppard

Worked With: GE

Dr. Aravind Chinchure-Network Science

Dr. Aravind Chinchure

Ex: Asst. Vice President
Worked With: Reliance Industries, Honeywell Technologies

Rob Webb-Network Science

Rob Webb

Ex: Global CIO
Worked With: Hilton, Equifax, GE

Edwin-Network Science

Edwin Williams

Worked With: PwC, Aviva Plc.

sanjeev - Network Science

Sanjeev Nikore

Ex: President, Strategic Initiatives Worked With: Tech Mahindra, HCL Comnet

pablo - Network Science

Pablo Perella Berdun

Ex: Global Marketing Leader
Worked With: Microban, Kimberly Clark

Igor Radovanovic-Network Science

Igor Radovanovic

Ex: VP IT Business Solutions
Worked With: Digital Realty, TiVo

Network Science

Sandip Gupta

Ex: Dy CFO
Worked With: HCL Technologies Ltd

Junuz Jakupovic1-Network Science

Junuz Jakupovic

Head – Manufacturing (UK & Europe)

Vartika-Verma-Network Science

Vartika Verma

Head – Financial Services (UK & Europe)

Ankit Mehta - Network Science

Ankit Mehta

Head – Ecosystems (UK & Europe)

Swapnil-Bang-Network Science

Swapnil Bang

Head – Logistics & Pharma (India & APAC)

Parag Suvarna - Network Science

Parag Suvarna

Head – Manufacturing (India & APAC)


Rolston Fernandes

Head – Financial Services (India & APAC)

Devang Karia - Network Science

Devang Karia

Head – Ecosystems (India & APAC)

Mohnish Rathod -Network Science

Mohnish Rathod

Consultant – Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharma (India & APAC)

Prashant Parihar - Network Science

Prashant Parihar

Consultant – Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharma (UK & Europe)

Jayachandran Ramakrishnan - Network Science

Jayachandran Ramakrishnan

Head – Program Governance, UK

Bipin-Shashidharan-Network Science

Bipin Shashidharan

Consultant – Ecosystems

Network Science

Shrivani Masuram

Secretary to Founder’s Office

Archana-Joshi-Network Science

Archana Joshi

Business Operations

Leena Shirsale - Network Science

Leena Shirsale

EA to Founder’s Office

Mansi-Porwal -Network Science

Mansi Porwal

Head – Marketing

Rajesh-Sahore-Network Science

Rajesh Sahore

Head – Enterprise IT & Cyber Security Innovations

Network Science

Ankit Nair

Marketing lead

Kaustubh Gage - Network Science

Kaustubh Gage

Marketing lead

Aishwarya - Network Science

Aishwarya Porwal

Marketing Lead


Madhuli Mahulkar

Market Intelligence Unit – Lead


Yash Patel

Consultant – Financial Services

sandy- Network Science

Sandeep Hardikar


asavari - Network Science

Asavari Hardikar

Chief of Staff

Raju Chouthai-Network Science

Raju Chouthai

Head – India & APAC