Network Science Deep Tech Innovation week was a 4-day event dedicated to deep tech enthusiasts across the globe. This is our 2nd edition of Deep Tech Innovation Week – a virtual platform where global thought leaders share their experiences through fireside chats, panel discussions & Innovation led sessions.

Deep Tech Innovation Week delivered 14 sessions by industry experts with over 100 participants & over 25 guest speakers and panelists who spoke on their DeepTech journey and shared their thoughts on innovation in Industry 4.0, Cloud and Cyber Security, and FinTech among other fields. All the sessions were designed to uncover what the future of emerging technologies like AR, AI, ML, Robotics, Blockchain holds.

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network science team

Michael Murphy

VP – New Markets


network science team

Shobhit Mathur



network science team

Shesha Shah

Chief Data Scientist


Pablo Perella

Pablo Perella-Berdun

Advisory Board Member

Network Science

Antonio Potenza

Antonio Potenza

Executive Director

AstonBlackstone International LLC

Prof Marc


Professor at IESE Business School

University of Navarra


Matthew Fielde

Operations Manager

Harris RCS

tim lervence

Tim Lawrence


Digital Supply Chain Innovation Hub Digital Catapult

craig taylor

Craig Taylor

Operations Manager

Pym and Wildsmith Limited

Junuz Jakupovic1-Network Science

Junuz Jakupović

Head Manufacturing (UK & Europe)

Network Science

Key Insights

    1. Deep dive into the real meaning of Deep tech. Did you know that it refers to those startups whose business models are based on high-tech innovations in engineering, or significant scientific advances?
    2. Gauge insights about deep tech businesses and how it starts with and circles around real innovative technology. Know about how It’s deployed to solve almost intractable problems in the real world & how deep tech startups are based on artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.
    3. Know why people have started depending more on machine algorithms like blockchain, computer imaging, and VR. Get insights on examples of deep tech which include AI to predict natural disasters, molecular imaging technologies that identify disease or predisposition to disease far before any other existing test possible could.
    4. Sharing trends & technology that make life easier for organisations to access employees & creating pyramid structures for them using deep technology.
Vithal Kulkarni

Vitthal Kulkarni

Head Treasury Analytics

HDFC Bank Ltd.


Manaswini Goel


Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited


Brejesh Chalil

Head Of Treasury Markets & Sales

Axis Bank


Bhavish Jugurnath

Managing Partner

Divine Whitefield Consultants


Rhys Spencer

Head Of Sales, Asia Pacific

Parameta Solutions

Jayant Ravidran

Jayanth Ravindran


Product & Technology

Arshdeep Jindal

Arshdeep Jindal

Founder CEO


Raj Mkk





Rolston Fernandes

Head of Financial Services (India & APAC)

Network Science

Key Insights

    1. Panel discussion covered a wide range of topics. Right from all the crises we’re facing across the world (Covid, Geopolitical turmoil) to the macro economic impacts (inflation, interest rate structure, market volatility). Other topics that were also discussed at length ( LIBOR transitions, Capital Market activities of NBFC’s and Digital Assets like Crypto’s )
    2. Finvisage addressed the challenges faced by New Age Corporate Treasury and also Bank Treasury. The coverage focussed on the flexibility and high level of customisations to meet the demanding business requirements of Corporate Treasury and Commercial Bank Treasury.
    3. Credit Nirvana showcased how a digital debt management platform can virtually automate the entire debt collection process of any Lender.

Christopher Adjei- Ampofo

Chief Information Officer

Uphold Inc

Network Science Team

Bhavuk Sharma

Head of Strategic Alliances



Guruprasad Saralaya

Senior Director

Identity Services

Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Director, Technology and Innovation


Amit Sethi

Amit Sethi

VP & Regional CIO

Baker Hughes

Lester loh

Lester Loh



Key Insights

    1. Reflecting on challenges in the post covid era & how are people managing the situation. The role of DeepTech & innovation in helping address these issues
    2. Valuable insights on privileged access management (PAM), IAM programs and strategy, single sign-on, multifactor authentication (MFA), password less methods and more.
    3. How cloud computing is democratising development and accelerating innovation
    4. Challenges in global cloud deployment & cloud management opportunities. Deep dive into how people are moving towards adopting cloud
mathew brayent

Matthew Bryant



Phill Scully

Phil Scully


Costa Coffee

Network Science Team

Ashay Rege


PayU India Credit

Jill broom

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security & Central Government


Abhijit Dhongade

Abhijit Dhongade

Co-founder and CTO

Block Armour

Agus Pracoyo

Agus Pracoyo

Deputy Information Security

Smartfren Telecommunication

Network Science Team

Dhanalakshmi PK

Sr Director – Malware Research


Key Insights

    1. Deep dive in to know about unified secure access & how to use zero trust frame work
    2. Digital transformation and the move to hybrid cloud infrastructure is changing the way industries do business. Learn why relying on a network perimeter is no longer sufficient.
    3. The impact on cybersecurity risks because of the escalating Russia-Ukraine Conflict. With the looming threat of increased conflict in Ukraine, corporate security and intelligence teams have said they’re seeing an increase in cyber probes & threats.
    4. Impact of crisis on a global level causing a massive war in the world of cyber space & the challenges associated in the world of cybersecurity.