What is Deep Tech Innovation Alley

Step into a realm of boundless innovation and cutting-edge technology as we journey through the captivating tapestry of Deep Tech Innovation Alley’s four remarkable editions. Each event has been an exhilarating exploration of the frontiers of deep tech innovation, gathering luminaries, trailblazers, and enthusiasts to celebrate the transformative power of human ingenuity. ​

Designed for our curated audience; the main motto is to touch, feel, and experience the latest innovations in the realm of Deep Tech. Get ready to delve into immersive experiences that redefine possibilities, inviting you to embrace a future where innovation knows no bounds and the horizons of Deep Technology are limitless

A Unique Opportunity to create impact

Distinctive Emphasis on Deep Tech

Engage with industry experts and investors. Showcase cutting-edge innovations/ Interact with experts, impress with innovation.

Global Reach

Forge valuable cross-regional connections. Succeed in the evolving market.

Superlative Content

Elevate your knowledge with top-notch content from leading experts.

Forward-Thinking Startups

Forge partnerships and collaborations with innovative peers in the DeepTech community.

Complimentary Participation

Break financial barriers to gain exposure and showcase your innovations.

Global Judge Panel

Present your startup to an extra-ordinary panel of judges – comprising of global leaders.

Unique & Pioneering Only

Be amongst the 1% startups that are chosen to be part of this event.

global decision panel

Dr. Leda Glyptis

Founding CEO
11:FS Foundry

Jayant Khosla

Group Head & Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Adjei-Ampofo

Chief Information Officer

Sandeep Wirkhare

Indian School Finance Company

Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist

Prof. Marc Sachon

Professor IESE Business School
University of Navarra

Sakshi Vidur

Information Security Leader

Rajarshi Moitra

Chief Commercial Officer
Bridgestone India

Antonio Potenza

Executive Director

Matthew Bryant

118 118 Money

Lester Loh

Chief Financial Officer

Manaswini Goel

Mahindra Finance

Chris Mepham

Director – Beechville Ltd
Ex: Transport Sector, UK Government

Sandip Gupta

Ex: HCL Technologies

K D Singh

VP- Global Strategy
Ex: Nucleus Software

Muralidharan Ramachandran


Ex: Atos India

Sunil Lulla

Founder – The Linus Adventures
Ex: Bennett & Coleman Co, Balaji Telefilms, Sony Entertainment

Pablo Perella-Berdun

MD- ZRG Partners
Ex: President – Kennedy Executive Search

Robert J. Webb

Global CIO
Ex: Hilton, Etihad

A glimpse of our past events

At Deep Tech Innovation Alley, we have a legacy of hosting trailblazing events that shine a light on the latest advancements in DeepTech. Our past events have been nothing short of remarkable, drawing in a diverse audience of tech enthusiasts, investors, and industry experts from across the globe.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a glimpse into our past events and witness for yourself the groundbreaking strides made by the DeepTech community.


A: The Deep Tech Innovation Alley is a four-day webinar event that brings together technology enthusiasts, start-ups, industry experts, and keynote speakers from around the world to explore the latest innovations in the field of DeepTech.

A: The webinar is scheduled from July 4th – July 7th

A: You can participate in the event by registering on our website. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the event platform. You can join the event at the scheduled time by clicking on the link.

A: Yes, the event is free for all participants.

A: We have a lineup of four esteemed keynote speakers who are among the world’s most brilliant and forward-thinking minds in DeepTech. Stay tuned for the official announcement of our keynote speakers.

A: Our four expert panel discussions will explore a variety of topics, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Robotics, and beyond. The exact topics will be announced soon.

A: If you’re interested in participating in the event as a start-up, please fill out the form on our website. We will review your application and contact you if your start-up is selected.

A: Yes, the event will be recorded and available for viewing on our website after the event has ended.

A: There will be a Q&A section during each session where you can ask questions. You can also send your questions in advance through our website.


Network Science set out with an aim to give our participants a never before experience by getting the best minds and most advanced tech together. The reviews received from each participant were very humbling and gave us the confidence that we could do far better in the next DTIA.
“Congratulations and thanks for inviting. It was pleasure to attend this event and catch up with some great leaders and hear their perspective on the technologies that are available now. Truly innovative. Great.”
“Really enjoyed the insights shared by the panel, great learning!”
“I must confess I was absolutely blown away by the quality of conversation, knowledge share, conviction on deep tech future, clinically executed organization of the event itself. Far superseded my expectations. Thoroughly enjoyed being here. Thanks for having me over. I am sure this is just the tip of your success journey. All the very best!”
“Thanks. Was a pleasure to attend the event and meet the team as well. Thanks for planting the tree, it is a great initiative. Looking forward to follow ups from here. PS - I love the fact that it is an orange tree. One of my absolute favourite fruits.”
“Thank you to the whole team for an event well organized. The sight of the tree on Sankalptaru gives immense pleasure to be associated with Network Science.”
“It’s awesome and an excellent program. Really nice program and expecting your partnership to continue further.”
“Thank you and congratulations to the team for organizing a successful event. Look forward to the opportunity to strengthen the association. Meanwhile, please check if you can possibly share the slides presented by Jio's Data Science expert. Best wishes.”
“Thank you. Indeed, it was a great experience as the event had a unique design and the warmth of the team was great. I will follow the fruit tree. Looking forward to meeting you and the team Network Science again soon.”
“Thank you so much for the invite and it was a wonderful event. There were a few takeaways and I've briefly discussed them with the team.”
“Thank you so much for inviting me to the event - So many new & illuminating ideas. Wishing Network Science & Network Science Foundation a fruitful future!”
“It was equally my pleasure and felt honoured to participate in one of its unique kind of events which I experienced first time. A wonderful teamwork and sprint I could see in bringing diversified people together. Next time, you can add a mix of more relevant to current and affordable technologies that can be scalable in future. And thanks for planting a tree for me and this is another unique idea you brought in.”
“It was indeed a well-organized event, full of new learnings and understanding possibilities beyond existing boundaries. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and conversation with you and Network Science Team. Look forward to furthering this relationship ahead. Not to forget, A very very special thanks for planting a tree in my name!”
“It was sheer delight to be at Deep lech Innovation Alley. Had already conveyed that to you and the team deserves complete appreciation for conducting a flawless show. Thanks for this gesture in planting a fruit tree by Network Science Foundation. As Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore said, "The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life". Thank you again for the kind gesture. I will be happy to explore more with you to strengthen and enhance our relationship beyond an ambassador of Network Science, which I will anyways always be.”
“Many thanks! It was wonderful meeting the team. And, congratulations for putting up an excellent show.”