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80% of the world’s 2.7 billion working population is desk-less, but only 1% of the world’s business technology market is directed at them. Corporates are quickly switching over from traditional forms of employee engagement to interactive extranet platforms to correct this imbalance.

Enterprise-grade security

With 6 layers of enterprise-grade security, Mobcast’s top priority is keeping your data safe.

Seamless Integration

Our platform can easily connect to your HRMS, Active directory and third-party apps in no time.

Detailed reports and Insights

26 types of detailed reports, with a clean dashboard that gives insights into employee engagement levels.

One Place for all Employees’ needs

A single platform for every stage of your employees’ life cycle from onboarding to exit

Impact Delivered

Traditional training modules do not provide great employee engagement and often see low retention rates. Mobcast, a mobile tech startup, offers an ultimate engagement app for employee training and knowledge dissemination.

mobcast-Network Science

Mobcast’s ML led extranet platform leverages DeepTech abilities to offer clients micro learning programs and training methodologies that expedite employee empowerment to improve overall performance. Over 800,000 employees trust the platform, which provides all-round employee solutions, from learning, training engagement, onboarding, and attendance solutions

Enterprise Grade Security

3 Factor Authentication

Screenshot Disabled

Remote Wipe Control

Detail Activity Log

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DemandFarm strives to deliver Account Planning solutions that are intuitive, flexible, intelligent, connected and which deliver tangible gains in productivity & sales effectiveness.

Account Planner

Account Planning inside your CRM to facilitate cross-functional collaborations & a Connected solution that adapts to your Account Planning processes

Org Chart

Decision hierarchy visualization and mapping solution to transform contacts into relationships

Impact Reporting

Impact reporting for oversight & governance across strategic account portfolio

Intelligent Collaboration

Move away from Excel and PowerPoint by creating and managing Account Plans inside the CRM

Key Insights



Revenue Impact
For Users



Active Users Across



Strategic Accounts Grown



Incremental Yield Per Account Manager In The Mid/Long Term

Enterprise-grade Scale & Security


100% Salesforce


Seven Success Drivers

Relationship Focus

Governance Mechanism

Intelligent Aggregation

Communication Maturity

Collaboration Enablement

Program Managment

Proposition Distinction

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