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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use resulting insights to improve decision-making. AI has the following use cases:

  • AI-powered wearables can help patients in keeping track of their health issues.
  • The automotive industry is gradually resorting to a tech-driven culture by adopting and implementing AI.
  • AI fraud detectors,applications, and techniques have been implemented to detect abnormal traffic and prevent fraudulent practices.

Machine Learning (ML) revolutionises traditional computing by allowing machines to learn from data. 

  • Machine learning algorithm works behind all these voice assistants to recognize the speech using Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Dynamic pricing uses ML technologies to change the price dynamics of cabs, products & services.
  • Machine learning is crucial in providing security at large gatherings. The technology can help avoid false alarms and spot things that human screeners might miss.

Blockchain-enabled platforms provide unified secure access to applications in the cloud, on-premises, and connected IoT devices.

  • The adoption of blockchain technology in the media industry can control piracy and improve content security
  • Blockchain tech enables lightning-fast transactions in real-time. This has already had a positive impact on the BFSI sector,as it saves both time and money.
  • Blockchain can eliminate security bottlenecks by protecting IP from mishandling and streamlining project management.

Technology-enabled security solutions are designed explicitly to protect the connected devices and critical infrastructure in the Internet of Things. 

  • Factories use IoT-enabled machines which are equipped with sensors, making it easy to map machine workloads, inputs, and outputs.
  • IoT-powered asset management increases real-time visibility of assets and helps businesses optimize their resource.
  • With IoT-enabled machines, public energy grids can be optimised to balance workloads, predict energy surges, and more equitably distribute energy to customers.

AR is an advancement that can help companies gain more customers and improve overall sales & retention by giving businesses a superior edge when engaging customers and acquiring leads.

  • From interior design to architecture and construction, AR is helping professionals visualize their final products during the creative process. 
  • AR-enabled wearables in manufacturing can help measure changes, identify unsafe working conditions, and visualize design components and structures.
  • From operating MRI equipment to performing complex surgeries, AR tech holds the potential to boost the depth and effectiveness of medical training in many areas.

Robotics is used for their high precision, speed, reliability, quality, repeatability, and lower operating cost. These robots are programmed to perform a specific set of tasks.

  • Robots are helpful to make repetitive activities much easier, for instance, assembly lines in a factory or collecting large amounts of mundane data.
  • Robots are force multipliers capable of dramatically transforming heavy industries like equipment manufacturing. Robots can lift heavy objects more safely and quickly and work with no breaks.
  • Cobots (robots that work alongside humans) can streamline call center operations and handle large volumes of incoming phone or internet traffic, ensuring that communication channels run smoothly.

Leveraging DeepTech, Network Science co-creates innovation with Global Enterprises to achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Global Pharma


Increased sales managers engagement by 70%

Micro-learning platform

Global Defence Manufacturer

Increases plant employee productivity by 70%

AR Expert Assistance

Global Leader In Vehicle Financing

increased collection efficiency by 30%

Digital Debt Collection

Global Leader in Automotive Ancillary

increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by 30%

IOT based MES

Global Leader In Cement Manufacturer

reduced Public Cloud spend by 30%

Public Cloud Management

Global Leading Social Networking Platform

reduced its dark-web exposure by 30%

Dark Web Monitoring

Global Leader In Industrial Automation

Advanced Analytics to drive detailed sales tracking, improve the Return on Sales by 30%

Sales Analytics

Leader In Connected Vehicle Data

Reduces treasury management cost by 30%

Treasury Management

Global Leader in British Supply Chain

increased supply chain efficiency by 40%

Digital Supply Chain

Global Leader In Steel Manufacturing

increased dealer engagement by 30%

Zero Code App Dev



reduced Public Cloud spend by 30%

Blockchain led SDP

Global Leader In Big Data Analytics

Delivering results with 2x revenue impact

B2B Sales Enablement

Using the 4 vector approach, Network Science doesn’t treat cost, growth, risk, and innovation as opposing forces. We combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to help enterprises innovate more

Zero Cost Transformation (ZCT)

ZCT is focused on enterprises looking for “Big & Fast” Operations cost reduction – achieves 38% cost reduction in 3 years.

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Zero Gravity Growth (ZGG)

ZGG is focused on enterprises looking for ”Big & Fast” global growth – achieves high growth whether you are a startup introducing a new product or an enterprise past the maturity stage.

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Zero Trust Risk Management (ZTRM)

ZTRM is focused on creating a significant impact on the overall maturity of Digital Risk Management within an enterprise.

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Zero To One Innovation (ZT1)

ZT1 is focused on enterprises – mainly SMBs – which are keen to maximize their value through innovation.

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